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Full Service Mortgage Department

We have worked hard the past few years to offer our members a “Full Service Mortgage” department. We can now handle most all of our members’ home loan and mortgage needs including 15 year and 30 year mortgages. As you may know, “Conventional Mortgages,” because they are long term loans, are generally originated by Financial Institutions and then sold to investors. Desert Rivers Credit Union originates these 15, 20 and 30 year home loans and sells them as well. However, you’ll have a lot more choices at Desert Rivers Credit Union because we have the flexibility of keeping a lot of home loans in-house on our books.

Special In-house Mortgage Loan Special – No Closing Cost – Absolutely Free

At Desert Rivers Credit Union we’re able to loan you “in-house” money for up to 15 years at NO CLOSING COSTS. Because we put these loans on our own books we can save you thousands in closing costs.

A lot of members have had a mortgage for a few years and may now be in a position to refinance at a term shorter than 30 years. What often prevents members from doing this are the costs associated with closing a mortgage loan. Now, with no closing costs, you can pay off your loan early and save thousands in interest as well. Call a Mortgage Loan Officer today to get more details.

A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 3.75% APR – 84 month term - 80% LTV
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 4.00% APR – 120 month term - 80% LTV
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 4.25% APR – 180 month term - 80% LTV

A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 3.625% APR – 84 month term - 60% LTV
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 3.875% APR – 120 month term - 60% LTV
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 4.125% APR – 180 month term - 60% LTV

Manufactured Homes

We also have some members that have purchased manufactured homes. These loans can be done for members at reasonable rates. Check our rate sheet for more information.

Home Equity Loans

Don't let your home just rest on its foundation. Make it work for you!

  • Consolidate your debt
  • Remodel your kitchen
  • Take your dream vacation

Use the equity in your home to achieve your dreams:

  • No origination fees
  • Up to 90% financing
  • See our rate sheet for more information.


Auto Loans

We're Celebrating 60 Years of Auto Loans

Can you believe it?! 60 years of great rates, good terms and excellent customer service. Now that's worth celebrating!

No one beats our auto loans!
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 3.29% APR – 60 month term
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 3.89% APR – 72 month term
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 4.49% APR – 84 month term
A+ Rate – 740 FICO – 5.25% APR – 96 month term

Time for a new car? Interest rates remain exceptionally low at GCCU. In fact, you won’t find a lower rate.

Details. APR – Annual percentage Rate. On approved credit.

Why you'll prefer a loan at Desert Rivers Credit Union:

1. Easy Process. We strive to make the loan application as simple and painless as possible. Many of our members have an answer on their loan the first time they talk with a representative.

2. Great Interest Rates. See our interest rates below and feel free to compare with our competition.

3. Flexible Terms. Even if you don’t have perfect credit, you’ll still get a great rate and terms.

4. Buy local and finance local. We work closely with our local dealers because we know the best deal for our friends and neighbors is right here in town. We’re the only locally controlled credit union and you’ll find that we take extra care of our friends and neighbors.

Call a loan officer today or fill out the online application below.

We offer the following types of loans:

  • New and used vehicle loans.
  • Recreational vehicle loans.
  • Home loans.
  • Home equity lines of credit.
  • Signature or unsecured loans.
  • Shares secured loans.
  • Personal loans.

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